Alicat devices are available with conformal coatings and a variety of IP ratings for protection from moisture and dust. This article details the available options for Alicat devices and briefly explains the purpose of each.

Conformal coating

High humidity and condensation due to sudden temperature changes can damage electronics. Most devices are available with an optional acrylic conformal
coating applied to the internal electronics to protect them from moisture. Conformal coatings are standard for EPC and EPCD pressure controllers, as these units do not come with a casing.

IP ratings for Alicat devices

Most Alicat instruments are IP40-rated by default. These are protected against objects ≥1.0 mm and have no water protection. IP40-rated devices can be used with any electrical connectors and any available analog, serial, or industrial communication protocols. These devices come with a front panel display by default.

IP66 or IP67 ratings are available for most devices ≥50 SLPM.

  • IP66-rated devices are dust-tight and resistant to powerful water jets from any direction.
  • IP67-rated devices are dust-tight and can be temporarily immersed in water ≤1 m.

IP66/67 rated instruments are limited to M12O locking connectors and any of the above communication protocols except DeviceNet. These instruments have no front panel display.


  • EPC and EPCD pressure controllers (no IP rating by default;
    IP66/67 optional)
  • BASIS mass flow controllers, portable meters, and ATEX/CSA-certified
    devices (IP40 only)
  • FP-25 calibrators (IP67 with front panel display
    by default)
  • Front panel displays unavailable (remote IP54 rated displays optional)

IP ratings table

Ingress protection is represented by a two-digit IP rating, the first number represents protection from solid objects, and the second is protection from water.

IP ratings table (courtesy of Alicat Scientific)

*For a full description of the IP ratings, including their testing conditions, please refer to IEC 60529.

** When choosing an IP rating it’s always worth taking care as an IP67 rated unit maybe suitable for submersion in less than 1m of water, but may not be able to withstand powerful water jets from any direction.

Courtesy of Alicat Scientific

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