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Alicat Scientific has been providing science and industry with precision instruments for measurement and control of gases and clean water since 1991.

A proprietary MEMs pressure sensor enables each instrument to become four instruments: Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Pressure and Temperature with many related functions.

For example, a user can control on pressure while monitoring flow. The instrument is ready to use upon powering up — no warm-up time.

Unlike thermal based instruments, Alicat products can be used in any physical orientation, do not require straight piping run, and have a low sensitivity to ambient temperature and pressure changes.

Standard features include:

  • LCD display
  • Gas Select library of over a hundred gases and gas mixtures
  • Ability to create and save gas mixtures on the go
  • Faster response than every other flow instrument — 50 millisecond typical and field optimizable
  • High accuracy — standard accuracy of 0.6% reading or 0.1% FS on most models
  • Measurement and control range: 0.01-100% of FS
  • Popular Digital & Analog communication protocols

Get in touch with us to talk about how Alicat devices can help you produce high quality coatings, repeatably!

UVT serves as Alicat’s authorized technical representative for Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Alicat Scientific (logo)

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