Kashiyama Vacuum Measurement Instruments

UVT is an authorized technical representative for SynSysCo in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Kashiyama NeoDry Lobe Pumps

The latest generation of the Kashiyama NeoDry dry pumps are by far, the best performing and most reliable amongst every multi-stage lobe-type vacuum pump in today’s vacuum pump marketplace.

These rugged pumps are designed for applications such as leak detectors, load locks, analytical equipment, particle accelerators and thin film deposition. Their excellent water handling properties make them ideal for cryopump regeneration.

A NeoDry pump is the ideal replacement for older 8 to 35 CFM oil-sealed or scroll pumps. Their limo-whisper-quiet operation is the ideal vacuum pump for a laboratory environment.

Kashiyama NeoDry (products)

The Right Pump for Any Season

A replacement pump should not require extra effort on the user’s part to install and operate. This proves true with NeoDry pumps that are air-cooled and don’t require purge nitrogen for gas ballast. For those applications where the water vapor load was too great for other types of pumps, you’ll be pleased to know that the moisture handling ability of NeoDry pumps is excellent. As a matter of application fact, we have one application where the process occasionally dumps about 6 ounces of water into the user’s NeoDry. It keeps on running without complaint. The competitor’s lobe pump previously used in this application would seize whenever this happened.

The Right Size and Performance Specs

Four models are available:
15E – 8.8 CFM
30E – 17.7 CFM
36E – 21.2 CFM
60E – 35.3 CFM

All achieve a base pressure of 7.5 millitorr, are compact in size and are maintenance free for 3 years when pumping clean air/nitrogen.

Refer to the product catalog for detailed information and specifications.