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Alicat Liquid Flow Controllers and Meters

Alicat liquid flow controllers provide accurate, stable control across a wide range of applications.

Our Coriolis mass flow instruments can accurately control liquid flow rates up to 100 kg/h even when flowing aggressive liquids and mixtures of unknown composition. When flowing water or other common non-corrosive liquids, our laminar liquid flow instruments can provide real-time control of process pressure and temperature, with an optional batch processing feature to simplify process control.

Alicat liquid flow controllers and meters offer accurate flow measurement and stable control for water or other liquids, including methanol, iso-propanol, ethanol, ammonia, dimethylether, iso-pentane, thiophene, iso-octane or heptane.

All liquid flow instruments include bleed screws for easy removal of air pockets.

The LC-series of liquid flow controllers features fast-acting proportional valves for control or dispensing applications.

For liquid flow measurement without a control valve, choose our L-series of fast liquid flow meters, which measure flow, pressure and temperature in real time.

Our LB-series adds a rechargeable battery for easy audits of liquid flows outside of your lab.

Contact us to discuss your liquid flow control application, to access specifications and receive a price quotation.

UVT serves as Alicat’s authorized technical representative for Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.