Thyracont Receives CSA and UL Approval for Smartline ™ Vacuum TransducersBeginning in 2022, Thyracont’s family of Smartline™ intelligent vacuum transducers are CSA and UL certified. This certification is valid for all gauges with piezo, Pirani, and cold cathode sensors.

The approval mark cCSAus of the Canadian inspection authority for the US and Canadian markets was granted by the Canadian standards association. It is comparable with the German TÜV certification and confirms that these products comply with the high-security standards of the North American market.

Smartline transducers measure in the range of rough vacuum to high vacuum and offer outstanding reliability and precision for the control of industrial vacuum processes. Besides the classic analog 0-10V output, digital interfaces like RS485, EtherCAT, and Profinet allow intelligent connection to a PLC or PC.

Relay switch points an optional, integrated display and optional wireless operation make Smartline vacuum transducers versatile in a broad range of applications.