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To monitor and record vacuum over many hours in a hermetically-sealed cargo container while it was in transit, both on the ground and in the air.


A company tasked with shipping sensitive biological materials needed to ensure that the contents of their shipping container would not be affected by changes in atmospheric pressure during the flight, since a leaking container seal would result in damage to the container’s contents.

To optimize the container’s seal design, it would be necessary to transport a series of prototype containers containing a vacuum gauge which would record and log pressure versus time with the ability to store many hours of data.


A battery-powered Thyracont VD81 vacuum meter/data logger was used. Its data logging interval was set by the customer to permit the recording of one pressure data point every few minutes. Having the ability to store up to 2000 data points gave the user more than enough time for each container transport cycle.

Coupled with Thyracont’s VacuGraph software, the customer was able to obtain a graphical record of pressure versus time and thus with this, was able to determine which seal design provided the best container hermeticity.

UVT is the exclusive North American Sales Partner for Thyracont vacuum instruments.

VD81 Measurement Kit