SHI Cryogenics Group

UVT is an authorized technical representative for SynSysCo in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

SHI Cryopumps

We partner with Synergy Systems Corporation to market SHI Marathon® cryopumps in specific geographic areas of the United States.

SHI Cryogenics is the world’s largest manufacturer of 10K and 4K cryogenic cold heads. Its acquisition of IGC-APD Cryogenics in 2002 married the strength of two of the leading producers of cryo pumps and compressors.

The Marathon family of pumps consists of four standard models, from 8-inch to 20-inch, and two low-profile models, 8-inch and 10-inch. Pumping speed (air) ranges from 1500 l/s to 9700 l/s. Unlike conventional cryopumps that use a technically dated mechanical scotch drive mechanism, SHI pumps feature a nearly vibration-free drive mechanism that enables servicing of the pump without breaking the vacuum and which extends operating life between service intervals.

SHI offers a family of both air and water-cooled compressors that will manage all Marathon-series pumps.

Detailed pump and compressor specifications will be found in the SHI Cryopumps Product Catalogue:

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