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Characterization of pneumatic components is a very important part of building any given system and it becomes even more crucial in aerospace applications. In this specific application, the customer wanted to measure the pressure drop across a given length of hose at various flow rates. This was achieved with the help of a mass flow controller and a gauge pressure gauge.

The customer will read the pressure indicated on the mass flow controller (P1) and the pressure gauge (P2) and calculate the pressure drop introduced by the hose.

Operating Parameters

  • Process gases: Air
  • Flow rate: 1000 SLPM
  • Inlet pressure: 200 PSIG
  • Outlet Pressure: ATM

Part numbers quoted:

  • MCR-1000SLPM-D-20X124 / 5M, RIN, 5IN, GAS: Air, P1: 200 PSIG, P2: ATM
  • P-100PSIG-D / 5P, RANGE (200 PSIG)
  • PVPS24U
  • USB-MD8-232

Pressure Drop Testing of a Hose


This can also be achieved by using a mass flow controller with a differential pressure gauge. The mass flow controller will be used to set the flow rate and the dp gauge will record the pressure drop across the hose. This can be automated and logged using FlowVision SC.