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The customer, a research group, wants to control the flow of humid air into their DUT. Atmospheric air will be sucked in using a vacuum pump. This air will be passed through a water bath for humidification. This humid air will then be passed through the DUT and a pressure gauge. A membrane pump will be used to create the required vacuum to pull air into the system.

Part numbers quoted:

  • MCS-10SCCM-D / 5M, RIN, 5IN, P1: 1 ATM, P2: 0.6 ATM, DS
  • PS-5PSIG-D / 5P, RANGE (-15 PSIG)
  • USB-MD8-232
  • PVPS24U

Key Considerations

  • Anti-corrosive devices are required to work with humid gases. Standard sensors can get damaged due to condensation.
  • Even when working with anti-corrosive (S series) devices, care should be taken to avoid condensation as this will result in incorrect readings.