Sirio Hydrogen GeneratorsIntroducing SIRIO, the brightest star in the world of hydrogen generation.

Are you tired of the expense of purchasing high purity cylinder hydrogen, the rental expense of cylinders, and the cost of safely storing and handling hydrogen cylinders? We have a solution.

Long the world’s leading manufacturer of high purity gas generators, ErreDue continues innovating with the introduction of SIRIO, its latest entry for the production of high purity hydrogen.

SIRIO frees industrial users of hydrogen of the ongoing costs of cylinder gas with seven models that supply from 0.29 to 1.2 CFM of 99.99% or 99.999% purity hydrogen at working pressures to 15 bar (217 psi), with an option for 30 bar (434 psi).

SIRIO is plug-and-play. Connect to your electrical power source, fill the tank with water and you are producing high-purity hydrogen. Interface SIRIO to your plant control system with Ethernet–Modbus TCP/IP.

Universal Vacuum Technology distributes ErreDue process gas generators throughout the United States. Contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your needs.