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Bench-top high vacuum and thin film deposition

An Innovative and Cost-Effective Thin Film Coating System

Up to now, research scientists and process engineers who search for a cost-effective option in small vacuum coating systems usually have only two options: buy a fully-featured used machine and bring it back to life or buy a stripped-down (but expensive) new machine and hopefully be able to upgrade it in the future when additional funds become available.

All of that has now changed with the advent of the Oxford Vacuum Science VapourStation series of benchtop coating systems!

We are pleased to introduce the Oxford Vacuum Science VapourStation, which is designed for researchers and low volume production users that require a well-featured automatic and capable thin film deposition system that is easy to use and realistically priced.

VapourStation is available in two models; VapourStation3 and VapourStation5. Both models feature dry pumping using a combination of scroll and turbo-drag pumps to quickly achieve clean high vacuum in the process chamber. Both feature automatic pump and vent capability using an embedded PC with Oxford’s system control software.

VapourStation3 is aimed and those requiring only thermal evaporation using a resistance source, while VapourStation5 offers this, as well as the option of electron beam evaporation using a single pocket EB gun.

VapourStation3 can process up to a 3” diameter substrate. A 5” diameter substrate can be processed in VapourStation5.

Both include a quartz crystal monitor, shutter and a wide range vacuum measurement transducer.

VapourStation5 offers a choice of water cooled or Sub-Zero rotary substrate platen with optional backside heating. An over-pressure relief valve and additional KF auxiliary ports are provided for future expansion.

Please refer to the brochure for detailed specifications.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and receive a product proposal. UVT is authorized to distribute Oxford Vacuum Science products in 11 western states in the USA.