Are you having to wait more than a couple of weeks for a delivery of a catalog standard vacuum gauge? Are you having difficulty finding out exactly when the manufacturer is going to ship your purchase? Do you feel like your orders are taking a back seat to your supplier’s large customers’ business.

We know these things to be true because our customers have experienced these problems from the company they used to consider their trusted vacuum gauge supplier.

If you need reliable vacuum gauges that won’t let you down and a supplier that won’t tie your hands with long lead times, come home to Thyracont, a premier manufacturer of extraordinarily good vacuum measurement instruments. We are UVT and are privileged to have been Thyracont’s North American sales partner for more than eleven years.  Thyracont offers products that span the measurement spectrum, with models that include practical features too numerous to list here.

We are different.

We don’t keep you waiting.

It’s about having lead times range from next-day shipment to less than two weeks for standard products.

It’s about good communication. We keep our customers regularly informed about the status of their order.

It’s about building seamless, trusting, sustainable and lasting business relationships. We are more than just a supplier. We’re a supplier-partner who wants to help assure your success.

It’s about being a credible technical resource with more than 50 year experience.

Its about knowledge. We’re an organization that probably understands something about your business.

As the exclusive North American distributor for Thyracont Vacuum Instruments for well over a decade, we can and will deliver on the same promises that large suppliers seem to have a problem keeping.

Check out our online store or give us a call at (510) 583-5624 to discuss your particular needs and see for yourself how UVT is different.

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