VSR-USB Vacuum Transducer

VSRUSB – Compact Vacuum Transducer with Piezo / Pirani Sensor and USB

Leading the charge once again in applying the latest technology to vacuum measurement, Thyracont has released its VSR-USB series vacuum transducers — an innovative new product that harnesses the capability of USB communication and smartphone technology.

Thyracont VacuSniff smartphone app

It offers a winning combination of small size, orientation flexibility, low power consumption of less than 0.3 w, can be baked up to 125 degrees C with the cable removed, and provides a blazing fast response time. All that’s required to use it is a USB cable.

Due to its low power consumption, the VSR-USB can be powered by an Android smartphone, and the pressure is displayed using the free Thyracont VacuSniff app.

The VSR-USB is available with DN16 ISO-KF (KF16) or DN16 CF (1.33” Conflat) vacuum connection.

The VSR-USB is a wide-range vacuum transducer that measures from 1500 torr to mid-5 torr. It combines an innovative Piezo sensor and Thyracont-patented miniature Pirani sensor technology in combination to achieve this wide measurement range with excellent accuracy.

Please refer to the datasheet below for further details and specifications.

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