Young man helping older manWith life’s challenges inundating us at every turn, it seems to me that just as much as food, we need to fill our lives with a healthy dose of ‘good’ on a regular basis.

Our office is located behind one of the famous “Original Mel’s” diners (the same regional chain that appeared in the 1970s hit movie, American Graffiti). Sitting next to the window gives me a view of folks coming and going.

Today, I took note of a group of people coming in who were either close friends or family. The last one to arrive at the door was a young man about 30 or 35. As he was about to enter the restaurant, an elderly man with severe mobility issues opened the other door, motioned to him, and handed him a set of keys. The young man proceeded to walk to a parked car, start it, and back it up to the front of the restaurant. He then assisted the elderly man into the car.

This small act was obviously important to a man who could barely walk, but still valued his independence. It took the young man no more than three or four minutes to give this small but important gift to someone in need. I believe those giving the gift are also the recipient of a gift through their actions.

Filling ourselves with ‘good’ and giving it selflessly to others knocks down walls, eradicates barriers, and grows a joyful experience for all. Try it.