Cup of coffeeI recently read a news item from Italy1. In 1945, American soldiers were fighting in and around the village of San Pietro in Gù Padua. A mother baked a cake in advance of her daughter’s 13th birthday the next day and put it on a window sill to cool. Resourceful soldiers made off with the cake. You can imagine the disappointment of that young girl.

On April 28th, 2022, 77 years later and on the eve of her 90th birthday, American soldiers attached to the US Army Garrison Italy presented Meri Mion of Vicenza Italy with a long-overdue birthday cake in a public ceremony at Giardini Salvi city park.

Out of concern for how we’ll be perceived or for some other reason, we too often miss the opportunity to admit our mistakes that hurt others. Chances are, like the smiling face of 90-year-old Meri Mion, our willingness to be vulnerable will bring joy to the other person and peace to us.

Kids Today…

The common complaint of parents throughout the ages has been “kids today…” (add your personal peeve to the litany of kids’ failings). But something I read today2 was an exception and serves as an indication not to judge young people too quickly.

Maria Balboa, a 19-year-old supermarket checker and Texas A&M student, felt compelled to pick up the $137 grocery bill for an older woman who was caring for her two grandchildren. To keeps the youngsters out of the foster care system, the woman took a low-paying job. Even with public assistance, needed groceries became out of reach. Maria’s uncompelled kindness was recognized by her employer who reimbursed Maria. Maria’s comments say volumes about who she is: “Being a genuine and kind person cost nothing”. Any employer worth their salt would love to hire someone with Maria’s character. People like Maria make good neighbors and great citizens.

1, 2: Epoch Times (May 18-24,2022)